Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14342 (x86/x64) Direct Download ESD & ISO Links

What’s new in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14342

Start and Action Center

  • You can now dismiss notifications by middle clicking on them
  • The Action Center has a more polished interface

User Interface

  • The User Account Control UI has been updated and now supports the dark theme
  • The Windows Ink Workspace has a new icon
  • Improved animation on the lock screen when Cortana opens

Microsoft Edge

  • Edge has been updated from version 37.14332 to version 38.14342 with the following updates
    • Extensions can now be downloaded from the Windows Store
    • You can now swipe to go back and forward
  • EdgeHTML has been updated from version 14.14332 to version 14.14342 with the following updates
    • Web Notification API
    • Beacon API
    • Fetch API


  • New panels, settings and options
    • Apps for websits has been added under System
    • Sharing a network with your contacts in Wi-Fi Sense is no longer possible
    • The IME Settings page now have a “Clear Input History” option
  • Visual updates and others
    • Multiple icons have been updated for individual pages


  • Bash on Ubuntu on Windows has been updated including support for symlinks on mounted Windows directories


  • The Skype Preview has been updated with multiple accounts support and a dark theme
  • The Feedback Hub now suggest a category when you’ve typed in your feedback

Other features

  • The Credentials window now allows you to paste into the name and password fields
  • Improved cropping of images in Screen Sketch
  • Tapping anywhere in the “Set location” notification will now allow you to set a default location

Fixed issues

  • The Desktop App Converter Preview should now work again
  • Fixes an issue with Tencent online games not working
  • Fixes the 0x8004C029 or 0x8004C503 errors you get when playing DRM-protected content fro mservices like Groove Music, Netflix, etc.
  • Fixes an issue that resulted in audio crashes when playing over S/PDIF or HDMI with real-time encoding
  • Fixes an issue where tapping the link to fix mic issues doesn’t fix them
  • Fixes an issue where the OK and cancel button in the network fly-out would be clipped on screens with a high DPI
  • Fixes an issue that caused Windows Hello messages to pop up despite logging in with a fingerprint
  • Fixes an issue where clicking on an URL with more than 260 characters would open the “Open with…” dialog instead of the browser
  • Fixes an issue that stopped you from using a mouse in the Photos app when zoomed or adjusting the crop region
  • Fixes the ALT + Y shortcut in User Account Control
  • Fixes an issue with the Action Centers icon not being showed correctly at 175% scaling
  • Fixes an issue where devices that work natively in portrait mode would rotate a Screen Sketch
  • Fixes an issue where agenda items in the Calendar fly-out would be displayed in a 12-hour format instead of 24
  • Fixes an issue where some shortcuts weren’t working in Universal Windows Platform Apps
  • Fixes an issue where the battery fly-out wouldn’t open in Tablet Mode
  • Fixes an issue where clicking an issue in the start navigation pane could open the Store
  • Fixes an issue that caused some background audio tasks to show up in volume controls
  • Fixes an issue where performing an action on a file in a folder pinned to Quick Access might redirect you to Quick Access
  • Fixes an issue where Cortana would crash if you share an avatar from Xbox Avatars with Cortana
  • Fixes an issue where the search box on the Language Settings page would not work

Known issues

  • Feedback Hub will show in English only, no matter what language your device is on
  • It will take 20 to 30 minutes before the Feedback Hub populates itself
  • Symantec products like as Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security will cause a bluescreen
  • The QQ app from Tencent will crash
  • Some emojis may be shown as square boxes in some apps
  • When using a non-English keyboard, Bash prompts can’t be accepted
  • In some languages, the All apps list will appear empty


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